Luxury retail & e-commerce

The project.

Working with one of LVMH’s star brands, Thomas Pink, we were involved in a number of micro site campaigns to launch new ranges and promote a major expansion of the company’s retail outlets in the UK and New York. The key challenge was working with a rather inflexible legacy CMS which meant coming up with some highly imaginative HTML and css hacks to make the microsites look absolutely pixel perfect. The work included:

  • Custom page templates that complied with strict HTML and css constraints
  • Producing email templates for new range and store promotion
  • UX consulting to maximise campaign and website conversion
  • Ongoing technical consulting on both WCMS and email broadcast systems

More information on the various elements of the project are listed below.

…thanks for all your help with this campaign, assistance with the CMS and ultimately for turning it around so quickly – the response has been fantastic…

Alex Field – Global Marketing Director, Thomas Pink

Web deliverables

Axure wireframes:

Whilst “lo-fi” wirframes are great for laying out basic components of a site, “hi-fi” wireframes provide a more immersive feel when building out more complex page elements. For this project I utilised the Pink colour palette to produce a set of “hi-fi” wireframes which delivered a much more visual example of how the end site could look.

  • Exact font matching
  • Created custom grid/css to fit legacy CMS

Result: clients in branding and merchadising were able to make quicker decisions without the “so how will this look?” questions, leading to a more “agile” workflow.