Welcome to digitalle


1. About us…

Digitalle was founded in 2010 to bring a fresh approach to web application development, i.e. to look at it from the client’s perspective. We act as a guide to help clients navigate the ever changing landscape of JavaScript frameworks, content management systems (CMSs), “grid systems & more; this enables clients to make an informed, future-proof choice.

The perfect fit…big & small

We know that embarking on a new digital project is a big undertaking, whether you’re building a corporate “shop window” or an enterprise level social network, so we employ agile working methods at every stage to ensure a predictable build from initial scope right through production and out the other end to live deployment.

Talent without boundaries

Indeed, we have built sites for clients ranging from startups & SMEs right up to Fortune 100 firms, so we know what it takes to deliver a successful project. We also believe that bringing the best people to a project is the key element to its success, and so we operate a remote culture that leverages the expertise of highly skilled engineers and designers from all corners of the globe, but based firmly in the UK.


2. Milli-pixel perfection

We’re absolutely fanatical about delivering pixel perfect results, combined with beautiful design and gorgeous typography. Indeed, when we’re building digital products, we use a variety of technologies from “Susy” grid engines to vector based SVG graphics with milli-pixel precision to ensure your web pages or mobile applications are pin-sharp and pixel perfect across all devices.

Hello wwworld…

Your website is your window to the world, so ensuring that it conveys the right image to reflect your brand is of paramount importance; our flexible approach means you have the choice to either engage our own fantastic designers, or if you prefer, we can work with your own creative teams or agencies.

Whichever route you choose, you can be assured that the perfect end result.




3. UX + UI

Getting your user experience (UX) & user interface (UI) right is critical to the success of your web business. From responsive Axure™ wireframes through to finished site or app, we’ll deliver a truly exceptional end product.

  • bespoke, custom grids to match YOUR content, not shoehorn it into a “framework”
  • responsive & adaptive web design ensures cross device usability
  • augmented user journeys ensures happy customers & higher conversion rates

GDPR: a brave new world

In the “good old days”, website owners could get away with pretty much anything they wanted in terms of exploiting user data, from on-site telemetry to “network” advertising driven cookies and more. And whilst “ePrivacy” has been increased over the years, the introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) embodies a game-changing shift in the entire digital landscape.

Privacy by design is but one of the fundamental challenges that every digital product owner is now, (or as of May 2018), legally obliged to enact, and this raises huge implications that cover everything from cookie consent to the “right to be forgotten”

Digitalle are experts in the fields of user journeys and process and we’d be delighted to discuss further how we can assist in your plan to become GDPR compliant.

4. Our services

Our agile approach provides clients with the best of both worlds – i.e. agency level expertise with freelance flexibility – when it comes to engaging with us. From a short project to scope and design some hi-fi wireframes for a new site or web app, to a complete rebuild of your existing technology stack with on-going infrastructure management, we have a deep pool of expertise available as an “a la carte” service.

So whether you need to hire us for a few days, or as a longer-term “technology partner”, we’ll deliver a cost-effective solution that perfectly matches your particular requirements.


5. The lab…

We’re working with some of the most exciting and innovative technology to deliver “best in class” solutions for clients who want to differentiate themselves from their competitors understand the importance of embracing cutting edge, but proven technologies.